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Investments and their Impact

Investments and their Impact

Back2Back’s sponsorship program allows connections between safe adults and vulnerable populations around the world. The generous monthly giving provides food, education, therapy, new experiences and Biblical principles to children, teens and families. Every child receives holistic care that allows them to break the cycle of poverty and trauma, and prepares them for success as they embark on new paths.

Recently, a partnering children’s home in Monterrey, Mexico celebrated the many ways sponsorship allows every child to feel known and loved and allows them to better understand their own potential.

Sponsorship is a great way to celebrate children. Staff and sponsors can use birthday parties to show children that their dreams and hopes are not just seen but also pursued. The birthday party is a way to remind children that they are known for who they really are, and they will be seen whether they know it or not. Five birthday boys celebrated recently at home! Each boy had a personalized party with their favorite cake and sparkler candles. Confetti poppers and streamers were also included. Each boy was given a bag of surprises, including clothes and shoes ,…

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