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The importance of scapulothoracic motion

The importance of scapulothoracic motion

 The motion of the arm in relation to the body takes place at two articulations, the glenohumeral joint and the scapulothoracic joint.

We measure the shoulder motion by measuring the overall movement of the humerus relative to the thorax.

We can observe that most of the motion occurs between the humerus, and the scapula.

Between the scapulae & thorax, a significant portion of the body is located.

The overall motion of the humerothoracic joint is the resultant of a combination between humeroscapular movement (also known by the name glenohumeral action) and scapulothoracic mobility.

When surgeons and patients think of “shoulder issues”, they often focus on glenohumeral – the articulation that occurs between the shoulder blade socket (glenoid), and the humeral heads. Physical examinations, plain x rays and MRIs are all easy ways to evaluate these areas.

The articulation of your shoulder blade against the chest wall, the scapulothoracic joints, is a major factor in shoulder function. The area is hard to see with a shirt on, and is not easy to assess with an x-ray. On the one hand, impaired scapulothoracic functions can compromise overall…

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