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An adoption story| An Adoption Story

An adoption story| An Adoption Story

This month we’re honoring National Adoption Month and sharing stories of how God chooses to provide for families in the adoption process. Here’s a story from Toni and Alex who recently adopted with Lifesong funding.

Toni writes—

When we discovered Lifesong, we had already been matched to a birth mother and father.

We were specifically looking for a non-profit that would do two things—

  1. Donations that are tax-deductible can be used to pay for our adoption costs
  2. Donate 100% to our adoption

Lifesong is the perfect match.

Here’s the unexpected way God chose to provide.

My parents own a historic building located in the heart of Alexandria, MN. In that building, my mother ran a business selling home decor for many years. The upper floors had apartments. She kept the building after she sold her business. Unfortunately, a fire broke out next door. Her entire building was destroyed along with many others.

Our family and community suffered a terrible loss.

God, as always, had a plan.

My parents had decided that they would donate a part of the money from their insurance to a charity or church. They kept the money in a safe until God revealed to them how they should use it.

We will be focusing on…

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