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You have the power to make your own memories


Strong Families Program is now an integral part of many Back2Back sites worldwide. Its intentions and goals are diverse. On the surface, the most important component of the program is that, when it is the best option, children and teens are where they belong – with biological family. Parents are also important components of this program. They receive training and equipment. Parents must work with their children to break down cycles and create healthy boundaries in order to foster a family that thrives together. 

The Monterrey Strong Families Program’s success rate is increasing every week and staff are thrilled to see the positive changes in the families. An additional step that’s being taken with each family is giving them the power and opportunity to create special memories and traditions within their homes.

“Something we noticed when the children transitioned from children’s homes to living with their  families and were spending first Christmases and birthdays together, there was a lot of comparison between what they experienced previously,” explained Ale Castro, Back2Back staff. “We knew we couldn’t let that continue, as the funding the homes receive is different from what families receive….

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