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How Did we Get Here? 

Because the LORD is your God. He is God of Gods, Lord of Lords, the Great and Mighty God. A God who does no partiality and will not accept bribes. He is just to the fatherless or widows, and gives food and clothing to the sojourner. You were once sojourners, so you should love the sojourner. — Deuteronomy 10:17-19

A soldier named Jerome was captured in an outpost near Venice, Italy, hundreds of years ago. He was placed in a cell. He was not religious, and his whole life was in a mess. Jerome was bound by the dark chains of his dungeon, but his soul felt liberated as God taught how to pray. 

He eventually managed to escape prison and returned home to Venice. Jerome lived in northern Italy during a time of famine and plague. He dedicated his life there to loving those most vulnerable. Jerome became concerned about the widespread poverty and hunger in northern Italy and began caring for those directly with his own resources. In caring for others, he became aware of the many orphaned kids in his city. 

Jerome resolutely decided to dedicate himself to…

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