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Prepare Your Child for a Visit to the Doctor

Prepare Your Child for a Visit to the Doctor

Even for adults, going to the doctor may cause anxiety. A simple annual checkup can bring up new and potentially frightening experiences for children, especially those who are adopted, learning a language or have complex medical histories. Set your child up to be successful at the doctor. This will lay a good foundation for their medical care in later years. 

Before the appointment, it is important to discuss with your child the purpose and agenda of the visit. Use age-appropriate language to describe the purpose of and agenda for your appointment. Discuss why doctors are important and good, and how they can help you stay healthy. 

Discussing these topics with your child is a good idea before the appointment. 

  • Address the purpose of the visit. Is this an annual well-child appointment? Is this an appointment with a doctor to address a particular issue, or is it a follow-up?
  • Explain in detail what will take place during the appointment. Use language that is age-appropriate and as specific as you can. 
  • Discuss feelings. Validate any fear, negativity, or nervousness that you…

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