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To mobilize others

Cheque Garcia and Hope Garcia of Back2Back D.R. They attended with their entire staff a local conference that brought together people in the Dominican region who are passionate about helping the most vulnerable. They had a booth where they shared about their work in the country and what Back2Back is doing on a global level.

“It was such a refreshing weekend for us,” shared Hope. “We were encouraged because we were able to meet other organizations working in the area, and we got connected with the church who hosted the event.” The local church is passionate about calling their congregation to step into the gap for orphaned children by visiting children’s homes and hosting children in their homes for short visits. Adoption and foster care were also presented as possible options for advocating for the vulnerable. This is an important step to care for the most vulnerable in the Dominican Republic. 

Hope and Cheque connected with young professionals who are passionate about orphaned and vulnerable kids and formed a group called Hesed, The Hebrew word for compassion. Together, the group serves at local children’s homes and helps connect locals who want to serve. They also organized a…

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