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How Feeling Stuck Affects Your Body

How Feeling Stuck Affects Your Body

Have you ever felt frozen, as if you can’t seem to move forward in life? Perhaps it’s as if you can’t seem to move on from a trauma or a heartbreak—or you can’t tap into the passion or enthusiasm that once came so easily. Maybe you’re so unmotivated at work that you spend time fantasizing about “getting away” somewhere you can’t quite name.

Whatever the cause, you have no idea what to do next—what change to make, what specialist to see.

You might even want to know how to get up from bed.

It’s natural for all of us in life, at some point, to feel stuck. Our juice is meant to flow—so what do we do when no matter how hard we try to get more juice, it just seems to stagnate within us?
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To answer this question, it’s worth considering what “stuck” can look like on the physical level. As a medical doctor who has been practicing holistic medicine since the 1950s—long before the word “holistic” was in common use—I’ve seen plenty of patients whose stuckness developed in their soul long before it manifested in their bodies. Theresa was an 80-year old woman who had suffered from severe intestinal obstructions over several months. She was very intelligent and self-aware. Theresa had seen other doctors…

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