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Worth the effort


One of the newest Hope Programs at Back2Back is India’s Hope Education Program. It was started by three young men in 2019. Since then, nine young women from Back2Back have joined the program, as well as several teens from Strong Families Program. The staff recently wanted to make an intentional investment in each teenager’s future planning and higher education. 

Back2Back staff visited this site in April. They held a special event to make connections with students. Their time together was multipurpose – to connect emotionally and socially and to help them dream big, understanding the importance of knowing the next right steps to achieve those dreams. 

“We wanted to hear each of the students express their dreams, but even more than that, we wanted them to consider what their next steps needed to be to get there,”  explained Julie Mowery, Back2Back India Director. The teens were provided with paper and markers. They also had the opportunity to write down their goals in the center.

“It was great to take time mapping their plans out visually as a reference point,” shared Julie. “It required they really consider what was needed to reach their…

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