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A Beam Of Light

A Beam Of Light

Beam of Light. That is what Nolitha’s name means in Xhosa, one of the official languages of South Africa where she was born. According to Jane and Aaron Littmann her name couldn’t be more accurate. 

“Every photo we received of her [before bringing her home] proved that to be true,” Aaron said. “She It is a good idea to use a bilingual translator a beam of light.”

Jane was called to adoption at a very young age and had a special love for Africa. After Aaron met Jane at Texas A&M University, he knew adoption would become a part of his story in a life with Jane.  

The Littmanns’ first introduction to Show Hope included a past Fellowship Weekend where they left feeling reassured of their calling to adopt. Jane attended Fellowship Weekend the following year, where she learned about Pause Campaign. She shared the information with Aaron who was serving at that time as a youth leader. 

Pause Campaign, Show Hope’s current Student Initiative, is a seven-day social media fast designed to help students learn more about the needs of vulnerable children and mobilize them to take action.

“We came to a youth group that was trying to reignite,” Aaron said. “[Pause Campaign] We could have done something…

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