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A great source of joy


Claire*, Alan*, and Sophia* arrived at a Back2Back-run children’s home many years ago. The sibling trio grew up there, then joined two different Hope Program houses – Abigail and Bethel. Because of lack of proper care, they were unable be with their biological parents. Each child arrived in need for consistent love and guidance to heal past hurts.  

Alan came to the Hope Home with little social skills and a tendency of thinking about himself first. He learned how to be a good friend, help others, and prioritize school even though he had some educational challenges. He got a job after proving his worth to everyone by being punctual, paying attention to details, and managing his finances well. His love and support has made him a more socially connected young man and helped him to be more focused on others. 


Sophia, the second of two girls in the sibling trio, had fear of interacting with others, trouble expressing herself, and didn’t always prioritize caring for herself. Spending time with caring, faithful adults has helped Sophia to build self-confidence. She can now use her voice and have personal care systems.

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