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Mountaintop Experience


Four Hope Program students stood on the top of a mountain to look down at their home city. One of the young men began to point, calling out landmarks and locations that he recognized, as the sun shined brightly through a blue, cloudless sky. 

A team from OCR (Obstacle Race Racing) visited Monterrey in Mexico recently. They wanted to share their passion for movement with Hope Education Program students. Together, teens and the team hiked Cerro de la Silla in Monterrey.

“Many of the students have never been before,” shared Mackenzie Howard, Back2Back staff. “It was heartwarming to hear them encouraging one another on the steep hike and see their looks of pride as they accomplished the task before them, making it to the top.”

After everyone reached the top, they enjoyed the open views, talked and got to know each other better, and shared lunch together.

Back2Back is a global organization that supports mission teams. It provides opportunities for connection, conversation, growth, and growth to every child or teen who meets with visiting guests, as well as reconnections with friends from past trips.

Staff and visiting teams work together to increase…

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