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A weight lifted

A weight lifted

Aubrey Bauer & Ryan Bauer knew that before they were married, God was calling them to adopt. The couple started dating during high school, and stayed together through college. After having their first two children, Ellory and Emmett, they knew it was time to start answering the Lord’s call. They knew that they wanted to be parents, but they also wanted to adopt children with special needs.

Through the adoption procedure, the Lord opened up the door to India where the Bauers heard of a child with severe special needs. The Bauers welcomed their son Elias home in 2021 at the age of 21 months. They were told that Elias would never be capable of walking or talking. Elias has a genetic condition that prevents him from having the left side in his brain. He has cerebral palsy as well as global developmental delay and scoliosis.

Aubrey told me that Elias had been hospitalized for several weeks when he first returned home. In order to survive, he needed to have his colon removed and a feeding tube inserted.

“The Lord really has taught us so much and grown us so much and has just surpassed so many more things than we thought, even in these short two years…

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