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Education can seem like an obligation to many students living in developed countries. Education is essential to obtain a job, live independently, and to achieve success. Education is often viewed as a privilege by those who live in countries still in development. Before education can be viable, it must be carefully considered the gender, geography, economic status, safety for the poor and marginalized, as well as the safety of women in India. 

Statista Research Department reports that only 6.7% of Indian students enrolled in higher education were female in 2002. The Right to Education Act, which was passed in 2009, increased enrollment of female students in higher education. Only 23.2% of college students were still female in 2015 Many women who were not able to go on with their education dropped out of college before they had finished elementary school. Discrimination against women, inadequate healthcare, and safety are challenges to accessing  education. 

For eleven young women who live on Back2Back’s Hope campus or are involved in the Strong Families Program in the city- a different path is being forged. They are now women in higher educational thanks to sponsorship and diligent holistic care. They are breaking down familial patterns and stepping on to new…

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