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Bringing His Kids Back

Bringing His Kids Back

Since moving to the Dominican Republic in 2007, the Garcia family has invested in local organizations that are already performing faithful work. House of Hope is one organization they invest deeply in – providing Trauma Competent Care training, assisting in after-school programming, and creating safe spaces to connect with vulnerable children. While they continue in their efforts, they feel the need to also invest in the families who have become familiar with the children.

“We want to strengthen the growth of the children by getting to know and investing in their families,” explained Hope. In the D.R., the vision is to eventually launch the Strong Families Program. The Strong Families Program allows children to stay where they truly belong – in healthy and flourishing family units. Parents are better equipped to provide the safe landing their children require by investing in them through classes on life skills, job readiness and Bible studies. You can also find out more about the following: Their parents grow up.

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