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Conservative management of B2 glenoid


Concerns over the management of the retroverted, biconcave “B2”-glenoid have led to an increase in preoperative 3D CT planning, patient specific instrumentsation, and reverse total shoulder (see link).

The authors of Total Shoulder Arthroplasty in Patients with a B2 Glenoid Addressed with Corrective Reaming: Mean 8-year Follow-up investigated the mid term radiographic and clinical outcomes with a more conservative approach for the B2 glenoid: “high-side reaming” and anatomic total shoulder (aTSA) with a pegged, cemented, non-augmented, all-polyethylene glenoid component.

Out of the original 59 patients, six are deceased. There were 34 shoulders among 33 patients with B2 Glenoids. These patients can be followed up at an average of 8.6 (range 5.5-11.2). 

The preoperative glenoid retroversion averaged 18.9° (range 4° to 32°).  The postoperative version of the glenoid was not shown so it is unclear how much correction has occurred.

Three of the original 59 shoulders were revised (5.1%) Three of thirty (10.0%) shoulders had radiographic failure of the glenoid component, but they were not revised at final follow-up. A glenoid component failure occurred…

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