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Dippable Dessert: Easy Chocolate Hummus


Chocolate Hummus

“Spread the love” is going literal (and deliciously snackable!) With this Chocolate Hummus. Sound odd? You don’t have to be a stranger. It’s thick and creamy, lightly sweet, and made for dipping with fruit, pretzels, graham crackers, or my preferred consumption method: from the bowl with a spoon.

A bowl of healthy chocolate hummus with tahini served with fresh fruit and pretzels

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My first chocolate hummus experience was at a friend’s house.

She’d bought a container of Trader Joe’s chocolate hummus (apparently, it has a bit of a cult following), and I took a tiny bite out of pure curiosity.

My verdict was positive.

  • It tasted different than Avocado Brownies, but not in a bad manner.
  • It was very enjoyable.
  • Then I began to heap it onto my plate, in what would be considered poor manners.

I was basically hooked and knew that I had to make homemade chocolate hummus.

A bowl filled with a creamy, healthy chocolate hummus with chickpeas that's perfect for dessert or snacks

5 Star Review

“AMAZING! It is subtly sweet and smooth and tastes great with strawberries and pretzels. I cannot wait to make another batch!”

— Sarah —

About Chocolate Hummus

If you’re new to the chocolate hummus game, you may be wondering when and how to serve chocolate hummus.

You can…

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