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Recipe for Egg Scrambled with Drumstick Leaves

Recipe for Egg Scrambled with Drumstick Leaves

Here is an idea for making scramble, your favorite way to prepare and eat eggs, healthier by using Moringa or Drumstick Leaves. You can add a few leaves to your breakfast or snack to benefit from the nutrients Drumstick Leaves have to offer. The scramble can be made with egg whites for all those who are not fond of yolks. Include this delicious breakfast egg recipe in your menu today. 

Did you know? Drumstick leaves have a high nutritional value and are an excellent natural energy booster. Drumstick leaves, also known as Moringa helps to lower blood pressure and blood sugar for diabetics. It is also a sleep aid. Moringa purifies water, which may explain its detoxifying properties. Moringa is a coagulant that attaches itself to bacteria and harmful materials.

You can also serve Egg Scramble With Drumstick Leaves recipe for breakfast along with a cup of Adrak Chai. 

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