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Engaging Their Senses & Creating Art

Engaging Their Senses & Creating Art

The sunlight streaming through the windows brightens up the room. There were paint pallets, cotton balls and painting utensils on each table. Pacific Christian Academy’s (PCA) students and guests from the visiting missions were welcomed into the weekly Summer Workshop Day. Sixteen students participated in an art therapy session led by four team members and four staff members.

Each student, along with the help of psychologists and visiting guests, made a rainbow representing our six primary emotions – joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, and love. Each emotion is assigned to a different color of the rainbow. The color that was the thickest on the rainbow represented their emotion while performing the activity. The staff wanted the children to understand what emotions are and to be able to express them. 

The space in which students work is as crucial to their development as the actual art. The workshop space is designed to create a safe and stimulating environment for the students, because it has a similar impact on them as the art itself. The staff takes care to engage and soothe their senses, since art therapy is such a wonderful…

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