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Enjoying the Connections


Five families from Strong Families, together with Back2Back Care Coordinators, and a couple of volunteers, gathered to celebrate the first Posada on December 6. The Posadas are a way to commemorate the journey Joseph made to Bethlehem to find refuge for Mary so that they could give birth to Jesus. They have been investing in their lives by hosting Bible studies and marriage activities. They were asked to bring their entire family along and to bring a dish to share.

During their time together, they wrote thank you notes and notes of encouragement to one another and their family’s care coordinators. They took family photos and played Christmas games. Finally, they ended the evening with coffee, dessert, and a cup of tea.

“It was amazing to watch them all interact with each other now that they have connections through the program,” shared Monique Rivera, Back2Back Care Coordinator. The evening went longer than planned, as all of the families wished to stay longer to continue enjoying each other’s company.

This is possible only through the dedication and prayer of staff and advocates all over the world. Please join Back2Back to pray…

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