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Fresh Corn Salad

Fresh Corn Salad

You can never go wrong with simple boiled corn on the cob, but the need to cook it right before serving makes it less than ideal for entertaining—unless you relish the idea of sweating over a hot stove indoors while your guests kick back outside sipping summer cocktails. If I’m cooking corn for a group, I make a fresh salad. Not only is it best made in advance, but it’s also served at room temperature. Be sure to cook the corn briefly—just a few minutes is all it takes. And consider tossing a few tablespoons of sugar into the cooking water to ensure that the corn is sweet—a little insurance never hurts!

What You’ll Need To Make A Fresh Corn Salad

Step-by-step instructions

Bring a large pot with salted water up to a rolling boil.  I usually add sugar to the boiling water, as well. (This is sacrilege for fresh farm-picked Corn but it’s not known how fresh it really is when it’s bought at the store.

boiling the corn

The key is to barely boil the corn to keep it super crisp — a few minutes is ideal. To stop the cooking, rinse the corn with cold water.

refreshing the corn under cold water

Cut the corn with a serrated knife using a clean dishtowel placed over the cutting board.

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