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Funding the Adoption Journey: One Family’s Story

Funding the Adoption Journey: One Family’s Story

It is a great privilege to hear from families who are on the adoption journey. Walking alongside these families, we’re reminded that adoption is not just an event; it’s a lifelong commitment to love and support.

We’re honored to be a small part of stories like this one from Eric and Lori—

During our adoption journey,

we were intentional about adoption not being a “plan b” option for us. We understand that adoption does not just fill a void in our lives, but is a result of a deep call and conviction. We’re humbled to raise a child and overjoyed to extend ourselves in unconditional love.

We were happy to find a group of adoptive parents and a way to let our friends and family support us.

We were able to achieve our funding goal thanks to the generous donors of Lifesong, especially through the Matching Grant.

We’re so grateful we learned about the mission, and we continue to share about it with people we meet on the adoption journey.

Financial support was our biggest aid in our adoption journey.

The Matching Grant came as an answer to prayer. We had doubts about this cause early on, due to lack of…

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