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Growing into Who She is Designed to be

Growing into Who She is Designed to be

One of the Hope Homes is Nigeria, a haven that provides a safe environment for young women participating in the Hope Education Program. In February, this home opened its door to another promising young adult who had a bright future ahead. Dayo* is the daughter of a Reverend who served at a local church in the community and a mother who struggled with health issues. Years ago, Dayo laid her father to rest and attempted to navigate life with her ailing mother by her side when Back2Back intervened, asking her to join their programming. Dayo lived with her mom for many years while attending the Education Center. Only this year did she join the Hope Program.

Dayo has received guidance, love and care from peers and caregivers since joining Bethany Hope House. She is exploring new educational opportunities, and her passion for photography continues to grow. She is studying John’s book with her housemates and allowing the Word of God to facilitate their conversations. This helps her grow in her walk with Christ. Dayo has been impacted by these times of connection and devotion. She accepted Jesus in her heart and her life on June 1st, this year.

This is a life-changing choice.

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