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Healing comes from Play

Healing comes from Play

25 children live in a building that has a playground with an old apartment. It is located five miles away. These children participated in educational, social and emotional activities with Back2Back staff during the summer. The staff took strategies that are often used, implemented them, and left a lasting impression. 

Two days per week, the staff provided play with purpose activities, social and emotion connection groups, reading groups, and meals. Staff with trauma-informed knowledge made time and space for vulnerable children. They reminded them that their needs are important and that having fun is mandatory. Two days per week, the staff began to tear down an under-maintained, deteriorating playground. They ripped down fencing, weeded, fixed slides, put in new swings, rejuvenated one neglected playground, turning it into two brand new play areas for the building’s inhabitants.   

A mother approached staff members shortly after the summer program and playgrounds had ended. “I never let my kids go outside before,” she admitted. “Now they can, and I know they’re safe.”

Staff installed a new basketball hoop in another part of the play area.

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