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The Journey 2023 Activities Guide: Hope for the Journey


Below is a guide that offers ideas for activities that will reinforce the lessons and experiences shared at the Hope for the Journey Conference 2023. You can choose which activities will be most effective for your group depending on its size and requirements. This section is broken down by topic to allow you more flexibility in your scheduling. 

Many thanks to all of you at Connect empowered We are grateful for their input and work on this guide.

Ice Breaker Activities 

Starburst Game

  1. Split the group according their Starburst colors into corners. 
  2. Answer the following questions for each color:
    – Red – The best trip you have ever been on or a dream vacation
    – Yellow – Interesting fact about you or a hidden talent
    – Orange – Your theme song or your favorite genre of music
    – Pink – A bucket list item you want to check off or a bucket list item you’ve already checked off

Name Game Dance

  1. Move around the circle, and then dance. (Examples: Sam, spin around).
  2. The group then repeats their name and dance moves. (Examples: Sam and spin around).
  3. The next person does it the same. (Example: Sally, clap hands).
  4. The whole group then repeats the process starting with the first person. (Examples: Sam spins, Sally…

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