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“I am surrounded by people I learn from. . .”

“I am surrounded by people I learn from. . .”

Back2Back provides holistic care to vulnerable populations around the world. They strive to achieve three distinct outcomes: dependence on Jesus, interdependency within their community, and independent, sustainable living. The goals can be achieved in many ways. Ideally, each child or teen who is served will choose to pursue them on their own.

A young woman in the Hope Education Program, Rosa*, is currently attending a Biblical discipleship school – YWAM San Diego/Baja California. The three-month study is intense and includes a deep dive into each of the books in the Bible. This intensive study culminates with a two week local internship, serving communities in the region she studied.

Rosa’s renewed focus and interest in serving others is a path she’s grown into after years of difficulty and disruption. She was one of the first young girls to come to a former partnering children’s home before joining the Hope Education Program. Rosa was served by the staff for many years. They witnessed her struggles, which included hospitalizations and a struggle to be healthy. Rosa’s story includes hardship at a very young age. Those closest…

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