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The Virtue of Lessons

The Virtue of Lessons

In India, the trauma-informed schools are flourishing. It currently provides educational services to 240 pupils from the campus area and nearby villages. Goldie Karnati is the new director of Back2Back India. She has already begun to think about ways to connect better with each family and to expand the preschool program.

Recently, virtue lessons have become a popular initiative in the school. Tara Holman from Back2Back writes weekly lessons about virtues. She meets with Milleen, a social worker, and Suma, a Back2Back staff member, who teach the lessons with monthly themes. The first month’s theme was responsibility and each week, students learned something new about responsibility, how to show it, and why it’s important. Each month, the children will learn about a new virtue.

“Education in India is very traditional,” explained Tara. “But we wanted to use a little freedom with these lessons with the hope that a variety of activities and games will allow the children to learn new values they will take with them for life, far beyond their academic careers.” This is what holistic care and education…

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