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Like Christmas Morning

Like Christmas Morning

Five young adults gathered at a table at Tres Reyes Community Center. The table contained five cardboard boxes. Each student stood eagerly in front of one. Back2Back staff were nearby, smiling as they encouraged the students to open them.

The Hope Education Program was founded in Cancun by five of the Strong Families Program’s young adults. The five students all graduated in the summer 2021. All but one of them were enrolled online at university because of the pandemic. “It was a difficult transition for them to take university level courses online,” shared Amy Kelly, Back2Back staff. Staff purchased five new laptops thanks to a generous donor in order to ease the transition.

They opened the boxes, and there was a sigh of relief as they exhaled. “They had no idea what the boxes held,” shared Amy. “Watching them open new laptops was like being with them on Christmas morning – they were completely surprised.”

The teens are flourishing in the new classroom environment and are gradually returning to regular classes. Laptops played a major role in…

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