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I am Luna, 10-years old and for a long time, I lived in a children’s home. It was loud, and we  shared everything, from clothes to rooms. I felt secure, but was sometimes overwhelmed by the noise. I now live with my foster parents in a quiet house. There’s a soccer goal in the backyard, and a man and woman who daily show me love. 

Today my foster mom drove me to the city to see my therapist.  My foster mom and I share our feelings in a private room.

Foster Care office is special. People work hard to care for children like me. It’s where my mom and dad were trained, and learned to take care of children who have experienced hard things.

Daniel is my birthname, but Dany is what my mama calls me. It was a joy to hear her waking me up each morning for school. There was a time when I wasn’t living with her, and someone else woke me in thI e mornings. They called me Daniel, and I was sad to hear that they had missed my room and Daniel.

Now, after some time away, I’m back with Mama, and I know things are going to be alright. We visit an office in the area, where we learn new things. I learn about math – it’s always…

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