Home Featured Maria and her Daughter are Safe Now.

Maria and her Daughter are Safe Now.

Maria and her Daughter are Safe Now.

HomeA word that has so many meanings.

For others, home is their sanctuary. It is a beautiful place To:
You are here
Take control of your life
Create good memories
Stay safe
Know everything

For others, however, it is not an option. Home There is nothing like it.

Maria was raised in areas where Home It was dangerous.

Maria’s dad left the day he found out Maria’s mom was pregnant, so her mom was often gone, trying to make ends meet. She gave her all she had to. Maria was not given the chance to study so she did whatever job she could to support her.

Some nights they’d stay with friends. Most nights they’d sleep hidden in a nearby field. Maria would then drift off to sleep, listening to her mom tell her stories about the day that would come.

They would one day have a place they could call home.

All of that changed.

One afternoon, while Maria was selling small packages on the side of busy roads, a kind man stopped by and offered Maria and Maria work and a bed and breakfast.

This was it?

Desperate to find hope, they climbed in the vehicle.

Maria lived the worst nightmare of all her lives a few days later.

Home It had turned into a dark place where men could come and go. There was nothing and nobody…

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