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One Step Closer

Delilah* was reflecting on her time following a trip to Tourism Congress. Students attend forums to learn more about the tourism industry and then work in the industry for a full day. Delilah’s role was to be a support for her peers, and she realized very quickly it wasn’t a space she wanted to work within full-time.

“The time was interesting,” she shared with Back2Back staff. “But I don’t think this is the right role for me. I know I finished well, and I am one step closer to knowing exactly what I should be doing with my future.”

Back2Back staff work hard to provide new experiences for every child or adolescent enrolled in the Strong Families Program. This program aims to provide a wider picture of what they can achieve, regardless of their economic and geographical circumstances. Delilah’s family has struggled financially, but social workers and staff have supported them through activities and outings and with this assistance, the family has set goals and work daily to achieve them.

Delilah, who began higher education in 2009, has had to overcome many challenges. She is still steadfast and is now completing the second year of her university. As she…

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