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Sending one clear message


“It is more blessed to give than receive” was a recent launch pad for two Hope Education Program students and the knowledge they’ve gained through school. Two young men studying Sports Science put their skills to the test, leading a lesson on the importance of flexibility in children and teens for a local children’s home.

The young men demonstrated stretching as a form of self-care that they could offer to themselves. The lesson was made fun by using games, photos, videos, and connections. They also shared preventative measures to avoid injury during sports.

A simple, yet educational day like this is a prime example of how Hope Education students are taking the care and thoughtfulness they’ve received from others and passing it along to younger generations.

Back2Back asks you to pray for Hope Students, who are giving back as they follow their dreams and break the cycle of poverty and trauma. Together, we are building up generations of children from hard places who receive and pass on one clear message – you are known,  you are loved.

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