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Whenever I think of piña coladas, especially on a hot summer day or when that catchy song comes on the radio, I’m whisked back to a vacation in the Dominican Republic with my daughter, all of 9 years old at the time. There she was, in her little bikini, swimming up to the pool bar with her childhood friend, ordering virgin piña coladas amidst a swarm of partying college kids. The scene was impressive (and borderline inappropriate!)It was the cutest thing to see two people sipping mocktails at the pool, like experienced vacationers!

I’m not sure if those piña coladas were any good — they were probably the kind made from an overly-sweet mix — but this version is authentic. Made with a blend of pineapple, cream of coconut, coconut milk, lime juice, and a generous splash of rum, this frosty cocktail is like a tropical dessert that doesn’t need to wait for after dinner. You may be transported to the sun-kissed beach of your past vacations if you close your eyes. If you have kids or non-drinkers around who want to get in on the fun, whip up some virgin piña coladas for them by leaving out the rum.

What You’ll Need to Make Piña Coladas

Some piña colada recipes use dark or golden rum; I opt for light rum as it…

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