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Prioritizing Connection


Warm air blew through the palapa and groups of girls and women gathered in various areas. Their laughter and conversation filled the space as they gathered to enjoy a connection event hosted jointly by staff members and a visiting team.

Numerous stations were located under the palapa. The girls were encouraged and allowed to stop at any station they chose, at their own leisure. A makeup and hair station was available, along with a space for them to apply their nails and play board games. The massage station also had a staff member who taught techniques and provided safe touch to each mother and daughter.

“It was heartwarming to see the moms and daughters paint their nails the same colors or get matching tattoos,” shared Amy Perez, Back2Back staff. “And watching everyone use safe touch and ask permission was encouraging as they interacted with one another.”

Many of the mothers served through the Strong Families Program in Cancun never had days like this with their own mothers, and it is the staff team’s desire to create new traditions and memories alongside every family member in unique ways. The day concluded with hot chocolate, sweet treats, and worship.

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