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Giving Hope to Families One Home at a time

Giving Hope to Families One Home at a time

Renand and Francoise with their family are smiling in front of their new home.

Every day in Haiti

More than half the population lives in poverty, and they cannot afford to build a solid home. Many homes consist of sticks and metal, which offer little protection from the weather and other dangers. Finding stable employment is also incredibly hard, and men who cannot find a job often leave their families out of shame. This cycle is perpetuated through high unemployment, broken homes, political unrest, natural disasters, and a lack of stability. 

Lifesong works in Haiti with Welcome Home Haiti. Together, they help to preserve families and prevent the orphanage. We believe everyone deserves a livable home.

We can provide safe and secure housing to the most vulnerable Haitian families by partnering with individuals and churches in Haiti. Haitian families can be financially secure by building homes, which provides a steady income. The employed are mentored and discipled to become godly husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, church leaders and employees. 

When Welcome to Haiti began…

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