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What do we know about Pyrocarbon shoulder surgery?

What do we know about Pyrocarbon shoulder surgery?

Cobalt Chrome is widely used for humeral replacements. It’s known for its durability, strength and corrosion resistance. Chrome cobalt implants are well-established and have had a successful clinical history. The following example is a follow-up after two years of a reaming and running procedure (see link) with a Chrome Cobalt humeral stem and a Chrome Cobalt humeral. The 35-year-old patient’s shoulder function and comfort have fully recovered. Note the uniformity of the soft tissue between the humeral glenoid and the humeral trochlea (blue Arrows), absence of glenoid deterioration, as well the absences of osteolysis (red Arrows) and stress shielding (blue Arrows) around the stem.

Glenoid wear is possible after hemiarthroplasty. As a way to reduce wear, pyrocarbon surfaces have been proposed as an alternative to chrome-cobalt.

The Pyrocarbon material is produced through a high temperature pyrolysis method in which organic matter is heated in an oxygen-free environment. This material is known as a strong, smooth, hard, and resistant to corrosion and wear. The pyrocarbon can be used in a variety of loading environments.

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