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Sabré Cook Helped Back Into Racecar by OrthoIndy


Sabré Cook is one of motorsports rising stars, an American racecar driver and mechanical engineer working with Shift Up Now and racing in several open wheel and GT championships. While racing in the W Series at the Red Bull Ring in Austria in 2021, two competitors’ cars collided into the side of hers and she suffered a labral tear in her right hip and injuries to her low back and SI joint.

“I could not walk on my right leg after the race, and at the time, I thought I had a bad muscle cramp – it will get better. It did not get better,” Cook says.

She drove in the series for many more races (!!She was unable to overcome her injuries with just her competitive spirit. “One day, I just could not bend down to tie my shoes. It was not the best decision to continue pushing through the pain, but I didn’t realize the extent of the damage. I knew I was in pain; I knew it was not great, but whether I wanted to accept it or not, I was injured and needed to see the right people to get it taken care of.”

Cook made the move from Indianapolis to be closer the Racing Capital of the World to return to the States. Shift Up Now referred her to…

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