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The neighborhood of a partnering children’s home in Haiti hasn’t been quiet for weeks. Rival gangs caused turmoil and noise for neighbouring communities, prompting many to flee their homes or seek refuge in place. This home’s children remained at home, and were accompanied by their directors. Unrest caused schools to close for as long as three weeks.

Children were suffering from emotional stress, so staff organized a day of creativity and stress management. “The goal of this day was to make a psychological assessment and develop the children’s senses of creation,” explained Weekenson Moise, Back2Back staff.

The day saw all of the children present, including the directors of their home, the psychologist and two other staff members. The children were taught how to make gift boxes and bags using cardboard, wrapping paper, and construction paper. They were able to express their creativity and learned a new skill that they can use in the future. The psychologist led a circle of debriefing after the craft. There, children and adults alike processed all they’ve seen, heard, and experienced in the previous weeks. This time was allowed…

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