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Shoulder arthritis: second opinion

Shoulder arthritis: second opinion

We encourage patients to seek a second medical opinion about the treatment for shoulder arthritis.

Here’s a sample.

A man in his 60s who is active presents with shoulder pain, but still bench presses 30 pounds with active elevation.  This CT image was taken at the initial consultation.

The only option presented to him was the reverse total shoulder.Click here to see it link) to help improve his shoulder performance.

This patient is a good candidate for anatomic shoulder surgery.Click here to see it Link) or a ream-and-run procedure (Click here to see it If he still has disabling symptoms, even after trying rehabilitation exercises (Click here to see it (link) and non-steroidal analgesics. The pros and con of each option should be discussed.

Click on this to learn how you can help support shoulder research that is leading to improved care for shoulder patients. Click here to learn more about the link.

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