Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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En Masse Excision and Curettage for Gouty Tophi of the Hands

Abstract and Introduction Abstract ...

Docs’ Bad Behavior Seen at Work, Online by Colleagues: Survey

It seems that everyone's nerves are on edge right now, and people are often behaving in surprising...

Early PT for Lower Back Pain Sends Fewer Patients to Specialists

Primary care physicians should consider referring patients with lower back pain (LBP) to physical therapists to avoid...

Our Shared Pain From Doctors’ Suicides

In Medscape's Physician Suicide Report 2022: The Tragedy of the Profession, about 1 in 10 of the...

Violent Patient Throws Scalding Oil on MD; Other Patient Dangers

Ralph Newman, MD, got a taste of how dangerous medicine could be at age 10, when he...

Better Breast Support Lessens ACL Risk in Female Athletes

SAN DIEGO — Greater breast support was associated with reduction in impact factors contributing to traumatic knee...

More Pain After Spinal Than General Anesthesia

Pain during the first 24 hours after hip fracture repair surgery was higher following spinal anesthesia than...
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