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Take Bold Steps

Back2Back’s Transition to Independence Program was designed to help students move from living in family-style care to living on their own. The students are taught budgeting, grocery shopping, cooking for themselves and how to manage their daily schedules. Young adults take brave steps out on their own, and they’re never left without a safety net in place through the adults who come alongside them.

Recently, a 22-year old young woman, who has lived much of her adolescence at Rancho de los Niños Children’s Home alongside her brother and peers, began exploring independent living. Before making this truly life-changing decision, staff worked closely with Ana*, helping her manage her resources, teaching her different ways to prepare food for herself, buy groceries, and keep to a daily schedule. For several months, staff answered Ana’s questions, helped her when she needed it, and asked her how they could support her well. Ana’s staff then asked if they could help her transition to independent living. She responded with great enthusiasm.

Ana began spending her weekends in the Transition to Independence Program House. The goal was to adapt her to a new setting and teach her where all the…

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