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Taking God with Him – Back2Back Ministries

Taking God with Him – Back2Back Ministries

“God, what do You want for my life?”

It was a question Jose regularly took to God in the interim between a soccer injury and the needed surgery to repair it. A passionate and talented athlete, Jose’s goal for many years was to be a professional soccer player- something he shared with anyone who asked. His high school career began right on track – he was studying, working, and receiving scholarships to play soccer at local universities. And then he sustained an intense knee injury.

“In the time between my injury and my surgery, I prayed,” shared Jose. “It was a time to offer God my full self, and I really started to press Him – what do you want for me?”  At this same time, Jose connected with a mentor – a man who was a full-time pilot. As their connection grew, Jose asked questions about what the job of a pilot was like and felt a small spark flicker.

The idea grew in his mind and Jose went to see Aracely Flores, Back2Back staff, to share his plan. “He was adamant about becoming a pilot,” shared Aracely. “He felt this was God’s plan for him, and he wanted help to make it happen.”

Studying to become a pilot is challenging and costly, but together, the Back2Back staff team and Jose formed a plan to make it easier. His first step was taking the necessary courses to become a flight mechanic. This provided work for him while he was studying how to become a pilot.

Jose now works full time as an aviation mechanic and is close to completing his pilot’s license. He meets with his mentor weekly and together they’ve visited the airport to watch planes arrive and depart. He was the first person to take Jose up in the air! With 20 hours left to finish his flight lessons, in the next few weeks Jose will take a big step in what was once a dream – his first solo flight.

When Jose first went to Aracely’s office, becoming a pilot felt like an unreachable dream, but he recalled  something spoken over him. “We often reminded Jose his name carries an important story,” shared Aracely. “‘Your name is Jose, (Joseph),  if you walk step by step, like Joseph of the Bible, His grace will be placed over your life.’”

Jose senses this grace – he is being trained to become a manager and develop manuals for other mechanics. He is in charge of the planes as they come into the shop,  up until when they leave. The people around him see his capability and they honor his hard work and dedication.

Jose knows God guides his steps and when he visits the Back2Back campus, there is a visible light to demeanor. “I’m very busy, but happy. Whenever I have a flight, I know I need time with God first, so I can take Him with me as I fly.” Please join us in prayer as Jose’s dream becomes reality.