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The impact of local volunteers

The impact of local volunteers

Local volunteer initiatives in Monterrey are one of the most active areas of work in the country. Volunteers attended the premiere of Sound of Freedom, a film at a local theatre. They distributed flyers about a meeting for information on becoming a volunteer. As a direct result of their work, many people attended the meeting the next week. 

“Our local volunteers are dedicated and passionate about serving vulnerable populations,” shared Martha Garcia, Back2Back Volunteer Coordinator. “They were excited to recruit more volunteers and share about the work they do and the impact it creates.”

The informational meetings help potential volunteers understand the rigorous vetting process required to integrate on to the volunteer team, be assigned to a specific children’s home, and in some cases, specific children. The meeting was attended by professionals, students, retirees, and housewives with different personalities and talents.

“We hope these meetings spread the message that no one’s stage of life should disqualify them from making a difference,” shared Martha. “They are all united by their heart…

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