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The Kindness of God

The Kindness of God

For 20 years, Show Hope—guided by our Founders, Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman— has helped more than 8,600 children come to know the love, security, and permanency of a family through adoption while also equipping and mobilizing parents, caregivers, families, students, churches, and professionals to care holistically for the children entrusted to them.

Even if you know a little about our mission To care for orphans, engage the Church in adoption and reduce barriers, you know Show Hope’s Adoption Aid grants work is the cornerstone of our holistic approach to advocacy and support of children and families. Show Hope has a deep-seated vision to support families long after the adoption is finalized. This includes our Pre+Post Support and Medical Care Grants. And while Show Hope’s impact reaches well beyond hundreds of thousands of children and families, the reality is, there are needs that Show Hope is unable to address directly. Show Hope is able to provide financial support for other similar-minded organizations through the prayers of donors who share a commitment to radical generosity.

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