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There's a New Chili in Town


White Chicken Chili

Creatures of chili, I encourage you to find a new blue-ribbon winner. White Chicken Chili.

white chicken chili in bowl with avocado and toppings

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While white chicken chili starts with the familiar chili flavors of sautéed onion, cumin, oregano, and cayenne, instead of a tomato base, it is made in a creamy white sauce with chunks of tender chicken, hearty white cannellini beans, and flavorful green chiles.

Some readers may already be familiar with my Crockpot White Chicken Chile.

This white chili recipe can be made on the stovetop.

Although it tastes great, it is still a little bit bitter.

bowl filled with white chicken chili cooked on stovetop

Why white chicken chili is a must-try

When you need to warm your spirits on a cold night, it’s Game Day, or you need to feed a crowd, the Dutch oven beckons for a batch of comforting chili. 

We are big fans of the healthy and delicious Instant Pot Chili, as well as the pumpkin chili.

With white chicken chili, we’re not breaking up with all our other chilis.

We’re just changing it up.

  • Healthy. Unlike typical white chicken chili recipes (such as Pioneer Woman’s white chicken chili, Yes, I SAID ITThis white chicken chili recipe is easy to make.

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