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To Play with Purpose

Todd Guckenberger (co-executive director of Back2Back) and Beth Guckenberger (co-executive director of Back2Back) wanted to empower their field staff worldwide in 2021 towards innovation at the frontlines. They wanted teams to make the most of generously given funds by implementing projects that benefit children and their families. The project’s name was chosen Dolphin Tank The well-known Shark Tank. Staff were asked for videos that pitched their ideas on special purchases, trips or materials to better serve the vulnerable populations. The project was so successful that it will be repeated in 2023. Dolphin Tank 2.0 The focus of this year was Play with a Purpose. The staff were asked to submit goals to promote play and connections among children and their families.

Nigerian staff sent in many video ideas for Play with a Purpose and three of them were selected! Grace Belari of Back2Back Nigeria wanted to host and plan a carnival in order to engage younger children with programming. “I wanted to hold an event for children ages one to ten, because they do not have as much structured programming designed for them like the teens,” explained Grace. “I wanted them to have space intentionally set to play, have fun, and remember they are known and loved.”

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