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Until Every Child is Known & Loved

Until Every Child is Known & Loved

Back2Back works internationally and child sponsorship is a key part of that work. This is a way to demonstrate that vulnerable families and children are never alone, and have someone cheering them on. Recently, a new group of children transitioned into a partnering children’s home in Nigeria and are in need of faithful sponsors.

By sponsoring a child, you provide them with holistic care. Back2Back provides nutritious meals, tutoring and educational opportunities, sports and athletic activities, medical and therapy care, and small-group work to help grow their relationship with God. As a child’s sponsor, you can write and receive letters from your child. This will allow you to create a meaningful connection with your child as you both share your everyday happenings.

For the children in a new home, sponsorship is one way they can feel connected as they’re navigating new relationships and finding new rhythms. Back2Back is looking for partners who have felt the urge to help a child in another country.

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