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Welcome Home Haiti: How God has Not Forgotten Families


Haiti is in turmoil. The U.N. stated earlier this month that 60% of the capital’s population is now controlled by gangs. God has not forgotten Haiti.

A well-known Haitian proverb says, “Bondye pa bay pitit Li penn san sekou,This is what it means: God doesn’t give His children pain without a rescuer.

God is Haiti’s hope, just as He is our hope. Here’s one story of how He’s preserving families in Haiti.

Our ministry partner Shelley Hari writes—

The streets are filled with men in large groups.

Watching traffic pass by. Playing dominoes. Another day passes without purpose or hope.

These men are eager to get work but have limited opportunities and few jobs. They understand that without the ability to provide for themselves and their family, they can’t experience the hope of a better future.

Haiti has a high rate of unemployment. This is why Haitians often abandon their families because of their inability support their families. This perpetuates the cycle of broken families and increased poverty that leads to fatherless children.

George, When We Met

A 25-year old single man struggling to support his family, he lived with and depended on his mother for housing and food.

Every day, he would ride his motorcycle…

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