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What cannot you do after total joint replacement?


ChatGPT (Interactive Language Model) is an interactive language system developed by OpenAI. The model uses a framework of deep learning to understand queries, and then generates coherent, contextually appropriate responses using a selection of books, sites, and texts chosen by OpenAI researchers. ChatGPT is an interactive language model developed by OpenAI that uses a deep learning framework to understand queries and generate coherent, contextually relevant responses based on a set of books, websites, and texts selected by researchers at OpenAI.
ChatGPT answers to frequently asked questions by shoulder arthritis patients were sought. These answers cannot be used as medical advice. The most current and accurate information regarding shoulder problems should be sought from medical professionals.

What can you do not after shoulder surgery?

ChatGPT responded:

After shoulder surgery, certain movements and activities are usually advised to be avoided during the first stages of recovery. It’s important to remember that restrictions can vary depending on what type of surgery was performed and how the patient is feeling. You must follow all the guidelines and advice given by your physical therapist and surgeon. Here are some common activities.

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