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Why is Cutibacterium not detected in routine cultures?


Prosthetic explants, joint fluid samples and deep tissue samples are all good options for identifying microbes that cause periprosthetic joints infections (PJI). To ensure that the organism-specific treatment is possible, it is essential to optimize the sampling and culture methods. Use sterile technique to collect sufficient quantities and size of samples from the joint. To determine the extent of laboratory and environmental contamination, control sterile specimens must be taken. It is important to select the appropriate media for aerobic, anaerobic or broth cultures for bacteria. If necessary, it is also recommended that you use them for fungus yeast, micobacteria and fungus. A culture must be kept alive for the appropriate time, in order to measure the time to positive (TTP), of the bacteria. This is vital because too little observation can lead to the detection of bacteria.

Cutibacterium shoulder periprosthetic infections (PJI) has been examined to determine the time from incubation to positive. According to the authors of Optimization in periprosthetic culture and diagnosis of Propionibacterium prosthetic joint infection, a minimum culture incubation of 13 days is recommended.

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